Environmental Management


Mining, 2012
Black Crystal were responsible for the collection of baseline environmental and social data of a quarry stone and agricultural lime mining operation. Issues included dust suppression, legislative adherence, archaeological resources, social management systems, housekeeping, recommendations for environmental management systems, social responsibility and rehabilitation of old quarries An environmental management plan was also compiled. 

Greenhouse Gas Study, 2011

Black Crystal calculated current greenhouse gas emissions and prediction of future emissions for Unki Platinum Mine. An Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Plan was compiled with impact mitigation measurers and climate change adaption for planned expansion of the mine. 

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation(REDD+), 2011 - 2012

Black Crystal was appointed as technical advisors to work on one of the first certifiable carbon reduction projects in Zimbabwe. The goal of the project is the conservation of forested areas and associated wildlife habitats in four Communal Lands in northern Zimbabwe. Carbon Green Investment is supporting a series of projects that will uplift the livelihoods and support the self empowerment of local communities. An important source of revenue for the communities will be from the carbon credits generated through a REDD+ project. This will provide an opportunity for sustainable development at the same time as contributing to the conservation of the land and general ecology of the area.

Victoria Falls Lantana Camara Crisis, 2011

Black Crystal compiled a detailed report on the invasive plant Lantana camara in the environs of Victoria Falls and gave recommendations as to how the problem could be addressed.

Fuel Facility, 2011

Black Crystal compiled an environmental, management plan for a company undertaking refurbishment works in order to upgrade the facilities at an existing service station in Chinhoyi. Construction was stopped by the Environment Management Agency pending the submission of an environmental management plan. Issues included: pollution of soil and underground water, fire protection, design and standards of underground tanks, loss detection systems, oil interceptor, vent pipes, hazardous substances, accidental spillages and public health and safety.

Gap Analysis: IFC Standards, 2011

Black Crystal and Khokela Consult undertook an assessment of environmental and social issues of Border Timbers Limited forestry operations in the Eastern Highlands. The gap analysis compared the existing operations with International Finance Corporation (IFC) Standards.

Unki Platinum Mine Shurugwi, 2006-2009

Black Crystal assisted Unki Mine with the implementation of their Environmental Management Plan. Black Crystal undertook an initial environmental baseline survey and is assisting with environmental good practice at the mine site and carrying out environmental training.

Environmental Management Plan for Sand and Stone Extraction, Binga Crocodile Farm, 2007

Black Crystal undertook an assessment of sand and stone extraction for Bingo Crocodile farm, in Binga.  This included the development of an Environmental Management Plan for sand and stone extraction. The Environmental Management Plan was developed in close consultation with the Binga Rural District Council.

Environmental Management Plan for Beta Coal, 2007 

Black Crystal  were appointed by Beta Coal (Pvt) Ltd to undertake an assessment of the negative environmental impact potential of a coal duff stockpile at a coal processing operation located at Sencol Colliery in Gokwe North Communal Land.  The major objective of the project was to compile an Environmental Management Plan containing recommended measurers to prevent, or reduce to acceptable levels any negative impacts on the environment arising from the stockpiled coal duff. 
The scope of works included: carrying our air quality sampling, acid potential analysis of coal quality sampling, conformance with legal and regulatory requirements, environmental and social baseline, and identification of environmental impacts and potential receivers in the environment, geology, soils and hydrogeology and the catchment issues of the holding dams.