Environmental Training

Training, 2015

Black Crystal assisted in a training workshop on BROA, an internationally accredited programme that is run by the Earthwatch Institute. Hosted by a local agro-industrial firm Rift Valley Corporation, the programme seeks to investigate the biodiversity elements of corporate activities identifying where firms can learn from the environmental setting of their operations. This is not the usual impact assessment that takes note of the negative consequences, but taking a WIDER perspective of the setting of the firm in its regional landscape the programme looks for risks (both ways) as well as potential opportunities to enhance the company. In this scheme, consultants work with company employees to enhance the positives and find viable alternatives and new opportunities. Looking outside the box it is possible to find solutions to issues such as timber extraction, siltation of water supplies and insect/fungal threats to mono-plantations. Working from a regional perspective companies can enhance their community, out-grower and government relationships.Black Crystal will seek further accreditation with the Earthwatch Institute so as to be able to provide local expertise in achieving this international standard, something that is increasingly important on the arena of international trade.

Contractor Environmental Awareness Training, 2008

Black Crystal undertook environmental awareness training of Contract Environmental Officers working on Unki Platinum project site. The aim of the training was to raise environmental awareness during the project development phase.