Our Environmental Policy

Black Crystal Consulting is a Zimbabwean registered Environmental Consultancy Company. We are registered Environmental Management Agency (EMA) Consultants and Environment Africa’s preferred Consultants. We undertake environmental management work for clients in the manufacturing, mining, tourism and service sectors.

We are committed to the management of the environment beyond today and we assist our clients, suppliers and sub-consultants to do the same. In addition, all staff have a personal commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

We undertake to meet the requirements of environmental legislation that relates to our consultancy and environmental management in general;

We realise that as a consultancy, we impact on the environment in the following ways:

  • Waste generation

  • Energy use

  • Water use and

  • Vehicle emissions

We are therefore committed to:

  • Minimising paper waste for example by reusing and recycling our office paper and packaging as much as possible, submitting reports to clients in electronic format.

  • Minimising the use of energy for example through the use of natural light; energy saving bulbs; and ensuring that computers are on ‘energy saving mode’ when not in active use;

  • Promoting the use of alternative, non-polluting and sustainable energy sources e.g. solar energy ;

  • Minimising the use of water and recycling water as much as possible;

  • Minimising vehicle use – encouraging lift clubs and walking whenever possible;

We endevour to source and promote products that have a minimum impact on the environment and people.

We also realise that the environment is a universal resource, and we commit to raising environmental awareness to our customers and suppliers through our website, emails, and environmental talks. We will form strategic partnerships to assist us in pursuing our policy objectives and goals.

Above all, we endeavor to continuously improve our services and operations to ensure that resources are managed in a sustainable manner and to protect the natural and social environment beyond today.