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Environmental Management and

Wildlife and Tourism

Archaeological Publications

Burrett, R.S. In press. Madzimbahwe of the southwest: a brief introduction to the stone ruins of Khami, Dhlo Dhlo & Nalatale;  Matopos: a brief guide; koBulawayo: an Ndebele capital. 

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Historical Publications

Burrett, R.S. and Makuvaza, S. In press. Old Bulawayo (koBulawayo) - the failure of Heritage renewed: Public and State Discourses.

Burrett, R.S. and Quick, G. 2011. Death or Desertion: What happened to Troopers Chrystal and McBean of the BSAP? Heritage of Zimbabwe, 30. 

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Burrett, R.S. 2001. It’s mine! No it is MINE! – Aspects of inter Company Rivalry along the Tati Concession Border, Botswana.Botswana Notes & Records, 33. 

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Ecological Publications 

Burrett, R.S. 2001. Greystone Nature Preserve Booklet. Greystone Nature Preserve Harare. 

Childes, S.L. (Ed.) 2006. Preliminary Biodiversity Survey of the Katombora Islands, Zambezi River, Zambia. Environment Africa, Harare. 

Childes, S.L. (Ed.) 2004. Monitoring Biodiversity In The Four Corners Area: An Overview And

Establishment Of A Monitoring Plot.Occasional Publications in Biodiversity,14.Biodiversity Foundation for Africa, Bulawayo. 

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Childes, S.L. 2000. A Synopsis of Eco-tourism in Zimbabwe with reference to Community based Natural Resource Management and Birds. Report prepared for the RSPB. BirdLife Zimbabwe, Harare. 

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Waterworth, S. January 2003 The Importance of Catchment’s and Wetlands Greenline Magazine

Waterworth, S. October 1999. Lichens as Biological Indicators of Air Pollution Journal of the Wildlife Society of Zimbabwe

Environmental Management 

Waterworth, S. September 2000 Industry and Environmental Cost Management Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries

Wildlife and Tourism Publications

Childes, S.L. 2007. Horse back riding safaris in Hwange National Park. Feasibility study. Varden Safaris and The Hide Safari Camp.

Childes, S.L.  & Mundy, P.J. 1997.  Important Bird Areas in Zimbabwe.  Report for Bird Life International.  Ornithological ssociation of Zimbabwe, Harare. 

WWF - Zimbabwe & Childes, S.L. 1997.  Elephant managment and conservation issues in southern Africa.  4 page brochure and set of 8 wall posters prepared for CITES COP 10. European Union.

Childes, S.L. 1988.   The past history, present status and distribution of the Hunting Dog Lycaon pictus in Zimbabwe.  Biological Conservation  44 : 301 - 316. 

Waterworth, S. June 2007. A Priceless National Heritage, Journal of Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe

Waterworth, S. June 2005. The Land of The Giants: Mashatu Reserve Journal of Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe

Waterworth, S. October 2003.  Nata: A Sanctuary in the Desert Journal of the Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe

Waterworth, S. July 2001. Khutse: A Place to Kneel Down and Drink Journal of the Wildlife Environment Zimbabwe

Waterworth, S. January 2001. Adaptation and Survival of Species in Arid Environments: Etosha National Park. Journal of the Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe

Waterworth, S. July 2004 Funding for Holistic Management of Mukuvisi Catchment Greenline Magazine