Susan Childes – Ecologist

Ms Susan Childes is a senior consultant with over 25 years of professional experience: ten years as an ecologist in the Department of National Parks; four years as a floriculturist; four years as an executive manager, and six years experience in environmental impact assessments, environmental interpretative work and eco-tourism. She holds a BSc Hons (Zoology & Botany) and a Master of Science (MSc with Honours). She is a member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission: Crocodile Specialist Group. 

Susan has conducted several environmental impact assessments both individually, and as part of a team of experts. Projects ranged from mining (platinum and gold), hydroelectric schemes, tourism developments and planning, crocodile and ostrich farming. She has also worked as a consultant to the NGO’s Environment Africa, BirdLife Zimbabwe and as an ecological consultant to SGS for the Forestry Stewardship Certification and ISO 14000 registration. She was also Technical coordinator for Biodiversity for Africa, a regional NGO concerned with biodiversity and training. Her work included scientific editing and production of biological reviews. Her most recent work includes a feasibility study for an ostrich farm, eco-tourism proposals in Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls, an environmental management plan for a crocodile farm, an environmental impact assessment for a fish farm project, and environmental impact assessments for a mine housing scheme, a hazardous waste dump site, a road, and photographic safari camps.