Sustainability Reporting

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Black Crystal offers professional services to compile, evaluate and improve the quality of sustainability reports as well as include an evaluation of an organization’s actual performance, together with the underlying competencies, systems and processes that enable the organization to fulfil its commitments.  Sustainability reporting focuses on a company’s non-financial performance and looks at governance sustainability and social, environmental and economic impacts a business has on its greater sphere of influence. It supports a company’s financial statement and is issued annually at the same time as a company’s financial statement. 92% of the world’s largest 250 corporations report on their sustainability. The main purpose of a report is to focus on an organisation’s values and governance, integrate sustainability into an organisation’s values and become the link between strategy and commitment and to identify and focus on the significant impacts.

We can assist you clients in the following ways:

Scoping,this identifies the level of sustainability within a company and gathers information on the significant impacts. The identified ‘gap’ areas guide the narrative of the main sustainability report.

The development of an Sustainability report in collaboration with our client. The process reviews where the company currently is with respect to its sustainability performance, determines which material issues to look at and addresses the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Alternatively, we can review an existing sustainability report and provide recommendations on improvements before the report is audited.

We can assist with the professional compilation of an sustainability report and the design of the finished report for public consumption.

Legal Compliance, we can help  companies to compile their legal register relevant to their  business sector using local and international legislation and key industry specific standards.

Baseline Sampling and Surveys, we have expertise in undertaking surveys of environmental parameters such as air, noise, water, biodiversity, cultural heritage and socio-economics.

Pollution & Waste Management, we can provide technical advice on how to actively reduce a company’s pollution levels.

Water & Energy Consumption & Efficiency, we can guide a company with the reduction of water and energy usage and the calculation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

Training, we offer courses in all of the specialist services that we offer.  The training sessions are designed especially to cater for every level of employee.

The main advantages of producing a sustainability report include:

·         To improve a company’s performance by encouraging efficient management, saving time and money;

·         To provide a competitive advantage for a company’s products in the international market and raises a company’s profile;

·         To provide a transparent analysis of a company for its shareholders and potential investors, raising the level of trust and assurance;

·         To help manage risk;

·         To ensure legal compliance and

·         To progress a company’s vision.

The following standards are used when producing a sustainability report:

·         GRI: Global Reporting Initiative: an international independent organisation based in the Netherlands.  It provides the most widely used standards globally on sustainability reporting and is used by over 90 countries worldwide. It is a framework for designing and producing a sustainability report;

·         The ISO range of standards;

·         International industry specific standards and accreditations, e.g. UNEP,  OECD, ILO, The UN Global Compact, Forestry Stewardship, STPA6   

·         Local standards and legislation

Please contact us for further details on sustainability reporting.