Professional Associations

In addition to these key staff, Black Crystal Consulting can call upon a number of skilled professionals in several fields which are sometimes required in specific projects. These associates have many years experience in their fields and they are bound by the same code of conduct and desire for sustainable development. Specialists include: Geologists, Town Planners, Herpatologists, Entomologists, Ichthyology, Pollution abatement and monitoring, Engineers, Paleontology,Pedologists and Hydrologists.


In addition to our own in-house resources Black Crystal Consulting has formed strategic assocations with the following organisations:

Paramark took over in entirety the Environmental and Occupational Health and monitoring services formerly provided by Aptech Fluor Daniel (consulting engineers) when they closed their offices in Zimbabwe in 2000. Today Paramark are one of the few experienced companies that offer a range of Environmental and Occupational Health, Monitoring and Management services:

• Training in most aspects of pollution and occupational health management: • CDM selection and evaluation • Undertaking of Monitoring and Assessments: o Environmental – air and dust o Occupational Health o Noise • Polluted site Rehabilitation: o Rehabilitation of oil polluted soil and o Polluted sites using Hazardous Waste Land Treatment. • Support Mechanisms: o Management programmes and audits of: o Energy o Water o Waste o Handling and safe disposal of hazardous chemical substances o Emergency preparedness and spill response.

In 2011 Paramark launched a brand new product in Zimbabwe called Paramark Nutrient Solution consisting of essential nutrients for specific naturally occurring microbes and other biological forms to degrade oils and oily residues e.g. for the rehabilitation of soils polluted with petroleum hydrocarbons. The procedure is the international norm for rehabilitating oil polluted soils. The product is endorsed by the Environmental Management Agency.

Mr Lampard is Chair of the Business Council for Sustainable Development Technical Committee (EMA) responsible for working with the local environmental protection agency in formulating appropriate environmental legislation and providing members with technical assistance for legal compliance. He also sits on the Standards Association of Zimbabwe Technical Committee for developing H12, the new standard for Hazardous Waste Management, and on the mirror committee for ISO26000 (the new International Standard being developed for Social Responsibility). Mr Lampard is accredited for ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18000 auditing.

These two Departments provide Black Crystal full access to the laboratory facilities developed for the Danida Clear The Air Programme and for the Swedish-funded Osborne Dam water quality analyses.

Environment Africa is an environmental NGO group, which was established in 1990 and since then has grown to become one of the leading environmental organizations in Zimbabwe. Their vision is to champion environmental issues in Zimbabwe and the region. Their mission statement is to work together with all sectors of society, raising awareness, encouraging action and advocating a better environment that uplifts the livelihoods of current and future generations. Amongst other projects we are working towards a partnership with them for a Social Responsibility 5 star labeling programme. In April 2008 Black Crystal Consulting were appointed as Environment Africa’s ‘preferred consultants’.






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