Alternative Source of Renewable Energy in Your Home – Miracle Missions

In this article, we are going to share on a Miracle Missions networking meeting on an alternative source of renewable energy in your home.

Miracle Missions – Who are they?

Miracle Missions Trust is a non-profit organisation whose primary function is Nation Building. They identify critical community needs in vulnerable communities and then identify people, organizations and resources capable of meeting that need. Through networking and relationships, they identify who does what best, connect those people and organizations, and then co-ordinate all efforts to meet the need.

This Trusts hosts networking meeting every first Tuesday of the month and in the month of September, their main thrust was that of Sustainable Energy Solutions and Safe, effective rodent control. Black Crystal attended this networking event and we are going to share what we learnt from this session.

You can find out more about them on their website:

Two organisations; ENER-G-AFRICA/C-QUEST and Nan Chalmers presented on the two topics respectively and this is what we learnt from them:

 Ener-g-Africa & C-Quest -Sustainable Energy Solutions-Tsotso Stove Project.

This company is aimed at transforming the lives of the world’s poorest people by providing them with access to sustainable energy services and clean energy technologies. This improves the health and wellbeing for many women and children. One of their pioneering projects include the CQC Rocket ‘Tsotso’ stove which is an improved cookware made from locally produced bricks and mortar and high quality metal parts.

The project stove is provided to the rural households replacing the inefficient 3 stone fire. This stove is said to have upgraded metal parts that last from 7-10 years. It is also specially designed to regulate airflow, emit minimal greenhouse gases and have thermal efficiency of 34.5%.

To date, the project stove has been distributed to 720 000 homes with 2 stoves per kitchen. The benefits of the Tsotso stove include; cost effectiveness, the reduction of drudgery, climate change mitigation, fuel switching to sustainable crop residues, and small diameter on farm wood along with minimize impact on remaining trees, forests and deforestation. The project stove contributes to 9 Sustainable Development Goals.

Ener-G-Africa and C-Quest sharing on the Tsotso stove

Nan Chalmers – Safe Effective Rodent Control

Nan Chalmers holds many hats, she is a holder of a chemistry degree, a public health worker and a 3x retiree. Nan has worked all over Africa, America, Malaysia and India. She has also been consulted by Parirenyatwa hospital for her expertise in vector control and malaria and throughout her years of expertise, she had gained an immaculate knowledge base on safe and effective rodent control.

Rodent control commercially and at household level must be done safely as cheap and unsafe methods have caused a large number of deaths and disease. Rats are a threat to humans in the form of rabies after being bit, to babies as they are unable to protect themselves, and also damaging to furniture, property and even being the lead cause to house fires.

What causes rats so resilient and hard to control is mainly their ability to adapt quickly which provides them with the ability to swim, climb, burrow and also their high reproductivity rates. After a study funded by the EU was conducted by Nan and 3 other doctors from 4 different countries, they used their finding to develop a safe and effective rodenticide known as Storm Secure. Storm Secure is a potent anticoagulant rodenticide effective against all species of rats and mice, including those resistant to other products.

Nan Chalmers sharing on safe rodent control at the Miracle Missions Networking meeting